ANP will not intervene in the periodicity of readjustments in fuel prices

The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels (ANP) has ruled out the possibility of intervening in the policy of fuel adjustments. "The ANP will not elaborate a standard by establishing a minimum periodicity," said Decius Oddone, director-general of the Agency.

This means that oil and gas companies remain free to change fuel prices according to their criteria. The passing of these adjustments to consumers depends on the posts.

This positioning of the ANP is due to the flood of criticism made by Petrobras, by the current pricing policy adopted by the company. In force since July last year, with the objective of accompanying the international market, the state readjusts the values of gasoline and diesel, often in a short period of time. Often the price of gasoline comes to have its value changed overnight.

The Director-General justified the decision as the best solution in search for transparency and competition in the oil market. "We need a market where importers, or producers, have the capacity to compete more with Petrobras. The more transparency there is in price formation, the more investment and interests we will have in the Brazilian market, "he explained.

Another rule that should be included in the draft resolution is that companies will no longer be able to disclose changes to their values in advance. That way, they should make the announcement on the effective day they happen. Today, Petrobras announces the day before its readjustments. "Price adjustment is not announced, if practised," said Odonne.

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