ANP holds seminar on Increasing Recovery Factor

On 23 and 24 March, the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) held at the Hotel Prodigy, in Rio de Janeiro, the 1st Seminar on Increasing the Recovery Factor. The event was attended by representatives of oil companies, Unicamp, the IBP and ANP servers.

During the meeting, there were 32 lectures that dealt on best practices, challenges and alternatives to increase longevity and onshore producing fields and offshore recovery factor in Brazil. The recovery percentage factor is extracted from an oil reservoir in relation to the estimated total volume which can vary depending on the type (porosity of reservoir rocks) and the oil characteristics.

However, with technological and methodological innovations factor may increase. In Brazil, for example, the recovery factor can be considered low, on average 20%, while in the UK the figure is 70%. This was one of the reasons for the ANP to hold the event.

In addition to lectures from experts and industry representatives, the event provided technical discussions that contributed to the development of the market on increasing the recovery factor and hence attraction increase investments to the country.

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