ANP spurs PD&I projects in oil fighting

Due to the environmental disaster that hits the coast in order to contribute to the training and preparation of companies and emergency research institutions, the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) is encouraging the realization of PD&I (research and development) projects. Last Friday (6), the agency disclosed on its website the programs with themes related to this type of situation:

– Oil dispersion modeling in marine environments;

– Monitoring of production, runoff and oil transport;

– Methodologies for monitoring and preventing losses of hydrocarbon containment in maritime oil production units and in the underwater infrastructure;

– Prevention of blowouts;

– Monitoring of wells;

– Responses to emergencies, infrastructure and ICS (Incident Command System);

– Remote sensing and monitoring of incidents;

– Risk analysis methodologies applied to the oil and natural gas. 

The stimulus is a consequence of the participation of the ANP in the Monitoring and Evaluation (GAA), also formed by Ibama and the Navy. The institutions or companies that have an interest may submit their projects, which analyzed by the Agency in the fast track form. 


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