ANP studies new rule of return of natural gas

The National Petroleum Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) studies the possibility of creating a rule that limits the Return of natural gas to wells, since there is no measure today Respect. The aim of the action would be to boost the production of natural gas, Fuel and reheat production in the industry. The Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, is also in agreement with the initiative.

Currently, Brazil is reproducing in wells much of the gas Extracted by two main reasons: to enlarge the oil production or due to lack of drainage infrastructure to the coast. This percentage, About one third of the total extracted, is greater than all the importation made of the Bolivia since 2018.

According to ANP data, the production of natural gas in the country Doubled, however, the volume that reaches the market does not accompany the Pace. Second estimate of Abegás (Brazilian Association of Companies Channeled gas distributors), daily the equivalent of R $48.7 million are reinjected into the wells. More than that, if this volume was made available To the market, there would be an increase of 64% in the supply of national gas.


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