ANP suggests funding for oil research

Oil companies should have to invest, this year alone, approximately R$ 2 billion in studies. For a contract, they are obliged to apply resources in research, development and innovation. Therefore, the ANP (Agency National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) suggested that part of this value is directed to working groups with researchers invited by the GAA (Monitoring and Evaluation Group), which coordinates the actions of monitoring of the oil situation on the Brazilian coast.

The estimated R$ 2 billion is equivalent to about 40% the entire budget of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications for this year, which is R$ 5.09 billion. This by the beginning of December, about R$ 4.697 billion were available for commitment.

According to the director of the ANP, Felipe Kury, the resources mandatory ones not yet intended, as well as future ones, can benefit the Research. “Depending on the nature of the working groups and the research are developing, t[sobre o óleo de origem desconhecida]hey [the groups of work created by the GAA] can submit the studies and claim that they are funded by this rule,” Kury said.


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