ANP: three new companies are enrolled in the Permanent Offer

The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) approved the registration of three more companies in the so-called Permanent Offer: PetroRecôncavo S.A., EnP Ecosystems Energy Holdings S.A. and EMT Construtora Ltda. With these approvals, which were published on Friday (22/5) in the Official Gazette, the Permanent Offer now has a total of 57 registered companies. Unli

ke the anp's traditional bidding rounds, the Permanent Offer was not suspended due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus and is still in progress. The Permanent Offer is a concession modality that functions as a bank of uninterrupted offers of fields and blocks returned (or in the process of returning) to the ANP and exploratory blocks offered in previous and unfinished bids. 


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