ANP wants to improve gasoline quality

The ANP board approved the realization of a public consultation, for 45 days, of a resolution proposal that aims to improve the quality of the Brazilian automotive gasoline. The resolution establishes the specifications and obligations regarding quality control to be met by economic agents, replacing the ANP resolution No. 40, of 2013.

The revision of the automotive gasoline specification mainly contemplates two points. The first is the increase of the minimum specific mass of gasoline, which means more energy and less consumption. The second is the fixation of limits for the RON Octane, already present in the gasoline specifications of other countries. The fixation of such a parameter is necessary due to new engine technologies and will result in a gasoline with higher performance for the vehicle.

There are two types of octane-MON and RON. In Brazil, only the MON octane and the Octane index (IAD) were specified, which is the mean between MON and RON.

The initiative is the result of the implementation by the ANP of studies and research of quality standards, considering the follow-up of international specifications and harmonizations and debates with the agents of the fuel market. Meets current fuel consumption requirements of vehicles and progressively stricter emission levels, considering the future scenario of the L-7 and L-8 phases of the Vehicular emission control program (Proconve – Ibama), and the Rota 2030 program – Mobility and Logistics (Federal Government).

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