Anti-corruption: Petrobras ends contract with UTE Cuiabá

Due to breach of contractual clause of anti-corruption legislation, Petrobras reported that they notified the company Amber J&F, belonging to the group, about the early extinction of the contract for the supply of natural gas to the UTE Mário Covas (UTE Cuiabá).

The action was taken after the State becomes aware, through information award-winning recordings, which J&F executives have committed acts that violate applicable anticorruption. In a contract signed in April this year, the Amber stated that there was no directed any payment or done any act that offered undue advantage public authorities.

For breach of contractual terms, Petrobras will still charge for compensation in the order of R $70,000,000 the company. The oil company still clarified that didn't accept demand proposed by the Amber of contractual price guide in accordance with import values of Bolivia's gas, for this be under the conditions laid down in the company's pricing policy.

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