After highs, oil fell

As Panorama Offshore has been reporting regularly, the price of a barrel of oil has risen steadily in recent months, apparently due to the reduced supply agreed between OPEC members and other producing countries.

However, yesterday, April 12, the price had a slight drop, which at first does not appear to offer great future losses. But, it's worth keeping an eye out for quote numbers in the coming days.

In the New York market, the barrel WTI with delivery for May suffered a reduction of 29 cents, going to be worth $ 53.11 dollars. In London the Brent barrel fall in the North Sea for June was 37 cents, going up to $ 55.86.

Oil and gas experts say oil prices are still within range, but there are risks that the market may lose momentum. We will continue to monitor and report all matters related to the oil, gas, energy, pre-salt, fuel, gasoline, Petrobras, onshore and offshore business here at Panorama Offshore. Remember: your business passes through here. Check it out:


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