Approved MP that allows direct sale of oil by PPSA

The mixed commission that analyzed Provisional Measure 811/2017, which allows the direct sale of oil from the pre-salt, approved it on April 11, in the form of the report of Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (PMDB-PE). The main change in the text, said the rapporteur, is the expansion of oil refining capacity in the country.

MP 811 allows the direct sale of the Union-owned oil extracted from the pre-salt. Until then, the state-owned PPSA, created in 2010 to manage the oil production area, was forced to hire specialized companies to broker this marketing. With the changes envisaged in the MP, the federal government expects to raise more than R $ 5 billion over the next five years.

In the opinion of the rapporteur of the proposal, there is a great risk of shortages of fuels in the coming years, since the Brazilian refineries produced few barrels last year.

– The scenarios indicate that we can move towards the expansion of refining capacity in the country, in the implementation of refineries. On the other hand, a great concern in the sense that we can have instruments to strengthen the national petrochemical industry.

To avoid the risk of fuel shortages and increase the refining chain, the report determines the conduct of auctions throughout the national territory. The marketing conditions should be regulated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Another amendment made by Fernando Bezerra specifies that the marketing policy for oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons should also allocate resources for non-energy use, not just energy, as established by the provisional measure. The bill of conversion is now followed for consideration by the House and Senate plenaries. Source: Senate News.

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