Approved embodiment of the third round of bidding Pre-Salt

In a meeting held on Tuesday, April 11, between the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) approved the implementation of the third round of bidding in the pre-salt. They will be offered four areas located in Campos and Santos, in the Polygon area of ​​the pre-salt related to the projects of Pau Brazil, Peroba, High West and Cabo Frio Frio High-Central Cape.

The tender shall take place in November this year. The minimum mandatory local content in each area of ​​the third round will be 18% for the exploration phase of 25% for the construction of wells, 40% for the collection and drainage system and 25% for the stationary production unit.

In addition to the decision on the next round of bidding for the pre-salt, the CNPE approved at the meeting the multiannual calendar bidding rounds for exploration blocks, allocation and sharing, and onshore fields maduros.Com this calendar, companies in the sector can greater predictability and planning for investments in exploration activities in Brazil.

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