Aramco promises to reduce carbon emissions

On Thursday (16), Bloomberg announced that Saudi Aramco has joined other companies in Europe and the United States, with the aim of starting to reduce emissions from their own operations. 

Members of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), the group of major oil companies have pledged to reduce the carbon intensity of their operations to 20 kg to 21 kg of carbon dioxide per barrel of crude oil by 2025. The volume would represent a 13% reduction compared to 2017 levels.

Former BP CEO and OGCI President Bob Dudley said the new goal is "significant because it brings together private and state oil producers around a common goal." "I don't think it's a small achievement to bring together all these companies – state oil companies, which have their own pressures, European and U.S. companies, which are under different pressures from the government and shareholders – really working together, especially during the pandemic," he said.


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