Exploration areas will have permanent offerings

The ANP will initially set 846 blocks in 13 sedimentary basins in permanent supply of areas for oil and natural gas exploration and production. The agency also plans to place 15 areas with mature accumulation in terrestrial basins.

The selected blocks began to be disclosed on November 30th, containing the most detailed information on the ANP website. The submission sessions should occur only from November 2018, but the areas should only be released after evaluating the relevant environmental organs.

The offerings of exploratory blocks are envisaged in previous rounds and not Arrematados, as well as the blocks and fields returned to the ANP. Blocks in the land basins of the new frontier of Acre, Amazonas, Paraná, Pará, São Francisco, Toucan and in the maritime basins of para-Maranhão, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos, are also in the list, in addition to the areas with mature accumulation and terrestrial basins of the spirit Santo, Potiguar and concave.

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