Areas in Campos and Santos are traded for US $1.5 BI

Petrobras signed in the 4th Fair (24. Jul. 2019) Contracts for the sale of assets of exploration and production of oil and natural gas in shallow waters in the Campos and Santos basins. According to a relevant fact sent to the financial market, the negotiations involve US $1.5 billion. Here's the full.

The negotiations need the endorsement of the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels).

One of the contracts relates to the sale of 100% of the participation in the Pampo and Enchova poles, in the Campos basin. Trident Energy will pay US $851 million for the right to explore the 9 fields, which produce about 25500 barrels of oil and gas per day. The company specializes in the operation in Latin America and Africa.

According to Petrobras, the payment will be made in 2 installments: US $53.2 million in the signing of the contract; and other US $797.8 million on the closing date of the transaction. The contract also provides for 1 additional payment of US $200 million, depending on the variation in the price of oil on the international market.

Petrobras also closed the sale of the Baúna field to Karoon Oil & Gas for US $665 million. The field, located in the Santos Basin, produces about 20000 barrels of oil per day. The company paid US $49.9 million at this 4th fair for Petrobras. The remaining US $615.1 million will be paid at the closing of the transaction.

Karoon is an international oil and gas exploration company based in Australia and listed on Australian Securities Exchange, with projects in Australia, Brazil and Peru.

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