Areas in Ceará will participate in the 15th round of bids of the ANP

Ceará is on the general map of exploration of the pre-salt. After much controversy over the possibility of existence of this area, the subject comes up with the recent auctions promoted by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

Coastal regions of the state were selected by the ANP to participate in the 15th round of bids – Mar, which intends to grant concession contracts for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas activities in 49 blocks. Nine sectors of five sedimentary basins were selected (Campos, Ceará, Potiguar, Santos and Sergipe-Alagoas).

The models and edicts of contracts are already available and represent the opportunity to establish, at first, exploratory studies that can take up to three years. Interested companies will have to pay a cash value regarding the retention of the area and the qualified plan for exploitation.

In the case of Ceará, the exploratory model called the “New Frontier” has two delimited sectors and 14 blocks, with a total area of offer of 8,390.67 square kilometers. The minimum payment per kilometer varies between r $410.71 and R $821.42. The bidding announcement of the exploratory blocks was published on January 26th of this year and shows the procedures that companies must undertake.

This first round represents the possibility of technical studies to confirm the financial viability and profitability of the areas. Once this step has been completed, the exploration for production may occur in seven years.

The State Government awaits events at a certain distance and is rooted for a positive outcome.


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