Asia can become a benchmark in wind energy

According to the Future of Wind study, published by the International Agency for Energy Renewables (IRENA), Asia can increase its Onshore wind power capacity to over 2600 GW up to 2050. Thus, the Continent would become leader in the category, responsible for more than 60% of all Offshore wind capacity installed globally. Still according to the Report, the global wind industry can employ more than 3.7 million People up to 2030 and more than 6 million people up to 2050.

“With renewable energies, it is possible to achieve a Climate-safe Future, “said IRENA General director Francesco La Camera. “Low-cost renewable energy technologies such as energy are readily available today, representing the most effective solution for and immediate to reduce carbon emissions. Our roadmap for a Global energy transformation up to 2050 shows that it is technically and Economically viable to ensure a sustainable and safe energy future Climate. Unlocking the global potential of wind power will be Particularly important. In fact, wind power can be the largest Source of power generation in the mid-century on this path. That’s not Would only allow us to meet the climatic targets, but would also boost the Economic growth and create jobs, accelerating sustainable development, ” Finalized.


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