Up to 2030 fuel-powered vehicles will be eliminated in Israel

According to Israel's energy minister, Yuval Steinitz, the goal is for the country to eliminate petrol and diesel vehicles up to 2030. Replacing fuel-powered cars by electricity is already starting to take their first steps in Israeli territory, with higher generation of recharge stations, having recently been implemented more than 2000.

According to Steinitz, the government will reduce the taxes of electric vehicles to almost zero, giving greater possibility of buying to the population. This planning is part of a political strategy that would end the Israeli dependence on gasoline, diesel and coal, and consequently will generate positive impacts for the preservation of the environment.

The plan was announced one day after the disclosure of a UN (United Nations) Report on climate change to ask for modified ways in which mankind uses energy.

The significant results of the Israeli plan should begin to emerge in 2025, when, according to the Ministry of Energy, there will be 117,000 electric cars circulating throughout the country. Currently, there are only a few tens.

This goal of Israel increases the prospect of a possible global mobilization of countries that develop environmental preservation policies. Like the Israelis, Brazil is expected to also raise this agenda, which unfortunately is so little discussed in the country.

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