Sale of the distributors of the bras is suspended

The Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro suspended, last Thursday, July 12, the auction of six distributors of the bras, which was scheduled to take place on the 26th of the day. The order was made by Judge Maria do Carmo Freitas Ribeiro.

In the decision, the judge evaluated that the request for urgency is pertinent due to the proximity of the bid, particularly the date of delivery of the documentation necessary to participate in the dispute, one week before the auction, which would take place on the 19th.

Judge Maria Ribeiro also cited the injunction granted by the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, on 27 June, which prohibited the privatization of public companies, mixed-economy companies, subsidiaries and controlled without endorsement of Congress. "I understand that, if there is no legislative authorisation for the transfer of the stock control of the shares of the distributors covered by the edict N º 2/2018-PPI/SNe, and set the danger in the delay of the judicial provision, the measure must be deferred," says The judge in Dispatch.

The tendency is that the amount of actions that prevent state sales increase. Although there are interpretations by the government about the stipulated laws and injunctions that counter these measures.

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