Auctions will generate more than one trillion up to 2023, says government

More 59 projects were included in the PPI (Investment Partnerships Program) which, if auctioned up to 2023, should inject R $1.6 trillion to the economy for the next 30 years, says the government. The expectation is that the oil and gas sector will lead this amount of investments, accounting for R $1.4 trillion resulting from three projects: Megaleilão of the onerous assignment and rounds of the pre-salt under the regime of sharing and concession.

According to the minister of the MME, Bento Albuquerque, oil and gas auctions can yield up to R $130 billion in grants to the Union box. Of these, R $106 billion will originate from the onerous assignment. Thus, it is remarkable the reason for one of the reasons in the urgency of the federal government for the realization of the “Feirão de Wells”, expected to happen in October.

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