Public hearing of the Antaq has new address

The national agency of waterway transportation-ANTAQ held the audience attendance of the public consultation of the draft standard rules on the rights and duties of the users, agents, intermediaries and companies operating in the maritime support NAVs, port support, cabotage and long distances, and establishes administrative infractions, in new address.

The face-to-face hearing will happen in the next 23 days, from 2:30 pm, in the Auditorium of the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro – ACRJ (Rua da Candelária, nº 9, Centre – basement – Rio de Janeiro-RJ).

The public hearing attendance aims to promote the debate on the proposed standard in public consultation. However, the contributions should be sent to ANTAQ exclusively through the electronic form available on the Agency's Web site (, till 11:59 pm, 9 December.

The legal and technical documents minutes object of this draft standard are available at the electronic address:

Will be allowed, exclusively through e-mail:, by identifying the taxpayer and within the time limit set in the notice of appointment, attaching digital images, such as maps, plans, pictures, etc. Contributions already in text, should be filled in the appropriate fields of the electronic form.

If the person concerned does not have the resources to send the contribution through the e-form, you can make your contribution using the computer of the ANTAQ's Secretary General, in the case of Brasilia, or regional units of the municipality, whose addresses are available on the website of the Agency.

Contributions will be made available to interested in the Agency's website:


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