Increase the journey of international oil investment in Brazil

Companies such as Statoil and Total E & P have increasingly invested in exploration in the areas of Brazilian oil. The first recently acquired stake in Petrobras in the fields of Pilgrim and Carcará and the second is ready to start its operations in Amapá, in areas in Foz do Amazonas, finished off in the 11th round in 2013.

However, despite the growing interest, both criticize the actions of the government or Brazilian institutions for the conduct of its operations. In participation in an event promoted by the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP) to discuss the local content in the Brazilian industry, the president of Statoil in Brazil, Anders Opedal, openly reproached the model adopted in the 13th round (of oil blocks bidding) auction and said that a competitive regulatory framework is needed.

According to the executive, suppliers are challenged to be competitive in quality, price and terms, especially at the time when the oil companies are reviewing their cost bases. But the French director general of Total E & P in Brazil, Maxime Rabilloud, spoke about the lack of foresight that is delaying the work and may lead to the decision of the company's investments in the next auction, as the company has had much ado to obtain licenses environmental.

Incidentally, this is also a problem that is being faced by Petrobras awaiting license from the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), to start his work on P-66, in the Lula field, in the pre-salt Santos basin. The Brazilian government had claims to produce the first oil already on the weekend now.

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