Increases investment for deepwater oil reserves

Since the beginning of this year that the recovery in the price of oil-which took 12 years minimum-for the price of around $ $50 dollars per barrel, has elevated the interests of big oil in the deepwater oil fields, according to the Reuters news agency.

Although drilling in these areas is more expensive, take longer and present difficulty of sale to investors, the main energy companies in the world are resuming their searches in these fields, as well as believe the reduction in offshore production costs have potential to compete with shale oil of the United States.

In the year 2014, major companies offshore specialists, have reduced their budgets after oil prices plummet. The cuts were so high that the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned of the impending crisis of supply for the year 2020. However, it seems that the industry is really interested in overcoming the shale and, with that, comes their investments returning.

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