Increase in royalties contains federal deficit

The Brazilian Government, through the economic team, has managed to maintain part of the deficit in the public accounts by boosting the federal fundraising, via oil and gas royalties, registering 49%, with an estimate for this year to get record recall.

The data is from the national treasury, and it is reported that the collection of Brazilian natural resources has promoted more than R $36 billion, and that value of R $29,2 billion is the oil and gas sector.

Still according to the Treasury, the main reasons for this increase in the collection of natural resources are the increase in oil, today in the $70 the barrel, and the activation of national production in the segment.

Therefore, the higher price made the economic team recalculate the accounts of the collection for 2018, causing estimates of revenue with natural resources, mainly petroleum, of R $6.5 billion more in the budget rescheduling, which passed to This year to the plateau of R $51,4 billion.

The fact is that the resources of the royalties with the concentrated production in the basins of the state of Rio de Janeiro and of the Rising Saints (SP), bring rise and help in a time of crisis and difficulties in the public accounts after the retraction of more than two years in the sector. High data can be proven at the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

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