Automakers invest in hybrid and electric vehicles

The relationship between sustainability and business has been increasing in the automotive market. Large multinational vehicle manufacturers are starting to invest "heavy" in the generation of products, goods and services that use clean energy. A revolution in the sector. Automakers such as Ford, Toyota and Lexus started to play their investments in hybrid and electric cars.

Ford, for example, is preparing to launch a model with 100% electric version of two of its best-selling pick-ups, the F-150 and the Super Duty, plus a crossover inspired by the Ford Mustang, including the hybrid version (two-engine car: a combustion that Uses common fuel and other electric) of the model. Until the next decade, the F-150 will add to its line a hybrid version with the aim of capturing the looks of those who wish to initiate their particular transition to electric mobility. The forecast is that the clean version of F-150 arrives at the market in 2020.

Toyota is also a company that invests in electric vehicles. The company confirmed that in the last quarter of this year intends to launch in Brazil the world's first flex hybrid vehicle. For over a year, Toyota has been running the country with an internal combustion engine model that differs from other hybrid propellants by running on electricity, gasoline and ethanol. The car will also be announced by the end of this year.

Already the Lexus was even more "background" and decided that it will sell only hybrid cars in Brazil. The announcement was made last November at the São Paulo Expo. According to the executive vice president of the company, Miguel Fonseca, from the beginning of the second semester of 2019, when the RX is renewed, all available cars of the company in the country will be hybrids.

It seems, in the second half of this year, several hybrid vehicles will be available in the networks of various automakers, thus enabling more electric cars and little pollutants in the country. Ford, for example, also intends to electrify its current product line, adding to each of them different options with plug-in hybrid versions and 100% electrical alternatives.

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