Authorised sale of Petrobras ' Total assets

Was suspended the injunction that determined the stoppage of sale of 22.5% of the State's participation in the area of Iara and transfer of 35% stake in Lapa field in the Santos basin, between Petrobras and Total. The suspension injunction had been granted by the Federal Judge of the third Federal Court of Sergipe, Edmilson Pimenta, who stated that the transaction could not have been accomplished without bidding, because it is a national heritage.

The sale was negotiated in March as strategic alliance, where the Total pay in sight to Petrobras the value of $ $1.675 billion, to a total of $ $2.225 billion, along with a line of credit in the amount of $ $400 million, representing part of Petrobras ' investments in the fields Iara area, plus contingent payments of US $ $150 million.

With the suspension made by the Federal Court of the 5th region, against the judge's injunction, the company may proceed with this operation, which is part of the strategic alliance established with the Total. The process is part of the realization plan of Petrobras that foresees raising $ $21 billion by 2018.

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