Advancement of oil production in the US is still worried about the global compact

The increase in oil production in the United States came back to haunt the prices of a barrel of oil in the world. Although the future of "black gold" operate in higher on Monday morning, April 24, analysts believe that the price may not move much above the $50 dollars, since the rise in the U.S. limited the gains.

Oil type Brent for June climbed 0.87 percent on Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is costing about $52.41 a barrel, while the WTI for the same month was discharged from 0.89 percent on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), worth $50.06 a barrel.

In the last three weeks, the commodity found himself pressed by many factors, such as increasing expanding u.s. data on inventories of gasoline and increase in the number of platforms in the country, which caused the oil to record losses. Last week, oil futures showed a fall of about 7%.

Despite the recovery, some investors are questioning whether the cuts promoted by members of Opec and producer countries will be enough to raise the price of the commodity. Will wait to see how many American production will continue to influence the price of oil.

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