Natural gas advancement throughout history

The discovery and use of natural gas can be said to be old. The first use of fuel was between 6000 a. C and 2000 A. C, in Persia, east of Mesopotamia, already in Europe its discovery was in the 17TH century being part of the public lighting in the cities. In China, between the EIGHTEENTH and NINETEENTH centuries, they applied the natural gas exhaust to the construction of ceramic and metallurgy furnaces, and in Brazil, its use began in 1940 when in the Recôncavo Baiano, were the discoveries of the areas of oil and natural gas.

Gradually, with the advancement of Technology, the energy source began to be essential for the daily life of mankind and can be used in industries, homes, automobiles, as an electricity generator, having a lower cost and being less pollutant than the Oil and coal. Over here, the fuel reserve is 500 billion cubic meters characterized by being the second largest in Latin America.

With the speed of the use of natural gas, the fuel became one of the most increasing participants that compose the energy matrix of the country. According to the Energy research Company (EPE) The gas supply will grow about 43 million cubic meters to 59 million m³ per day until 2026.

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