Electric airplane is produced by companies in Brazil

A new project has been the joint bet of Oxis Energy, a British lithium battery company, and Texas Aircraft Manufacturing, manufacturer of the aerospace sector. The plane, named eColt, will be fully electric and aims to perform regional flights, meeting a demand for environmentally friendly training aircraft.

According to Oxis, the estimated flight time will be longer than two hours, with a range of about 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers). In more, the aircraft will be designed and developed by Texas Aircraft Manufacturing in Campinas (SP), lithium-sulfur battery cells will be made at the Oxis plant in Juiz de Fora (MG), the electric motor will be supplied weg of Jaraguá do Sul (SC) and the battery management system will be provided by the AKAER group of São José dos Campos (SP).

The partnership between companies should create new jobs and contribute to a sustainable energy change in Brazilian aviation, being a clean, efficient solution that will train new professionals.


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