Bahrain has more oil discovery

Bahrain discovered the largest field of oil already finding throughout the history of the country, informed the state media of the kingdom.

"The Chairman of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla, expressed his sincere congratulations to His Majesty the King, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, for the discovery of the largest oilfield in the history of Bahrain", communicated this Sunday (1) to State Agency of the Kingdom, BNA.

The Parliament of the Arab country was prepared to "prioritize prospecting and oil drilling operations". The communiqué pointed out that the oil discoveries… Will benefit the Kingdom of Bahrain and its loyal subjects. " 

According to the report "Market Series Report: Oil 2018", prepared by the International Energy Agency, up to 2023, the demand for oil will reach 104.7 million barrels per day, which assumes an increase of 6.8 million barrels since 2017.

In this period, China and India will represent about 50% of the world's demand, the report needed.  Source: Sputnik Brazil


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