High-tech bathroom: the new bet of the biomass sector

A prototype of the modern toilet seats that are widely used in countries such as Japan has been installed at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea. In the Korean model, the goal is to generate energy through waste. The main developer of the project, Professor Cho Jae-Weon, explained that the process is done by transforming feces into methane, which is an energy source.

As an incentive to defecate, students are rewarded with a cryptocurrency that can be used to make purchases within the institution, called "Ggool". According to the professor, half a kilo of manure are transformed, on average, into 50 liters of methane, enough to generate half a kilowatt-hour of electricity, an effective amount to drive for about 1.20km with an electric car.

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