Benefits and challenges in clean energy production

It is known that the energy sector is one of the most polluting emits in the atmosphere today. Thinking about this, a study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications analyzed the benefits of decarbonization of the energy sector and revealed that the adoption of renewable energy generation sources can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% in 2050. However, today, the sector still encounters many challenges.

This is because renewable energy production needs more land than required by fossil fuels and this space is limited, if making it increasingly scarce today. Another necessary factor is the use of superbatteries to store this clean energy. Other than that, in addition to metals some specific ones, such as neodymium and tellurium, used, respectively, in wind turbines and solar energy cells.

With this, minerals can become the reason for new conflicts in the future, as the need for clean energy production is makes it increasingly indispensable and the challenges that the branch needs to overcome they’re also growing.  


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