Bidding of oil blocks will be offered up to 2021

The 17th and 18th rounds of bidding blocks for exploration and production of oil and natural gas prepared by the National Agency of Petroleum, natural gas and biofuels (ANP), which will be held in 2020 and 2021, were approved by the National Council of Policy Energy (CNPE). The decision is in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU).

The 17th round, it offers the blocks of the maritime basins of Pará-Maranhão (Sector Spama-AUP1), of pellets (sectors SP-AR1, AP1, AUP1), Potiguar (SPOT-AP2 sector), in addition to the pre-salt polygon formed by Campos basins (SC-AP1, AP3, AUP1 and AUP2) and Santos (Sectors SSAP4 and AUP4). The auctions are again moving the offshore national market.

For the 18th round, the blocks of the Ceará basins (SCE-AP1, AP2 and AP3), pellets (sectors SP-AR2, AR3, AP2, AUP2 and AUP7), and the Holy Spirit Basin (SES-AUP2, AUP3 and VT sectors) will be selected.

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