Biodiesel: sector wants to anticipate 13% mix

Representatives of the Brazilian biodiesel sector said on Tuesday (28) that the anticipation of the mixture of 13% of biofuel to diesel, already for July 1, is in negotiation with the government. It is worth remembering that in March this year, the mandatory blend of biodiesel in diesel went from 11% to 12% – the government schedule currently predicts an increase of 1 percentage point per year, reaching 15% by 2023.

However, in the industry's view, the anticipation of the mixture would allow the negative effects of the drop in energy demand, for the way. social isolation to prevent contagion by the new coronavirus. Besides because of the crisis, the perspective of Brazilian biodiesel production was revised to 6.5 billion liters this year, in contrast to the projection 6.9 billion liters. The data are from the Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Biokerosene (Ubrabio).

Moreover, Ubrabio stressed that the measure would allow the country to expand the supply of protein bran, bringing cost reductions to producers of animal proteins and reducing imports of diesel A.


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