Forest biomass is the subject of MME workshop

In the last week, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) promoted a workshop on forest biomass. The co-organization of the event was made by the Brazilian Tree Industry (IBÁ), an association responsible for political and institutional representation of all the production processes of planted trees – from forest to industry – along with some public Interest.

At the event, the characteristics of sustainability, as well as trends and technological opportunities on the renewable energy segment. The 90 participants obtained knowledge about the planted forests sector and the energy generation process in electric and industrial matrix, among others.

According to Marisete Pereira, executive secretary of the MME, 10% of all the energy consumed in the world comes from biomass. Of this total, two-thirds are used in developing countries. Only in Brazil, the consumption of bioenergy is equivalent to 8% of the world’s percentage. Also according to the avoiding global warming is a joint goal of all.


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