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There are several theories of how the emergence of oil was made. The most accepted is that which discusses that the oil emerged from organic remnants of animals and vegetables, deposited in the bottom of lakes and seas, and undergoing chemical transformations became the famous product that sustains the world economy.

About 6000 years ago, oil was already used in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and as a weapon in the Byzantine armies. But, the first well known segment, was discovered in the year 1859, in the United States, Pennsylvania, by Edwin Drake, in a small region of depth. Colonel Drake, as he was known, was the first oil producer to create a technique for the removal of oil from the basement.

In Brazil, the first research on oil was carried out between 1892-1896 years in São Paulo, by Eugênio Ferreira de Camargo. Only in the decade of 40, which occurred the drilling of the first oil well in the neighborhood of Lobato, in Salvador, discovered by Oscar Cordeiro and Manoel Ignácio Bastos. After the discovery, in the years 60, the campaign “Oil is Ours” was launched in an attempt to prevent the delivery of national heritage to foreign companies, which came the “proposal” to study the existence of oil.

Currently, oil is found in more proportions in the regions of the Middle East, of the Asian continent. The area has the largest number of oil wells in the world and the largest producers worldwide are the United States, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria and Canada, most of which belong to OPEP-organization of oil producing countries, which Control the world market.

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