Angola has more profitable Total block

Once again Angola surprises the world. 17 block, located in the Congo basin, operated by Total in the offshore of the country, was the most lucrative in the country in 2016, with guaranteed sales exceeding 8,700,000,000 euros, according to Finance Ministry data compiled today by Lusa.

Over 2016, 17 block exported 231,875,003 barrels of oil, more than a third of the total production of Angola (631 million barrels), an average price of $39.92, between 15 concessions onshore and offshore.

Angola is the largest oil producer in Africa, with 1,700,000 barrels per day, Nigeria. In addition to the Total (40%), the contractor group that explores this block comprises Statoil (23.33%), ESSO (20%) and BP (16.67%).


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