Pre-salt block produces in total the same amount as Colombia

Brazil celebrates another victory. The BM-S-11 block, located in the field of Lula, in the Santos Basin, is being recognized as the world's largest deep water program. Only the production of this area corresponds to the manufacture of 829,000 barrels per day, the equivalent of the total produced by Colombia, which comprises the ranking of the 20 largest producers of world oil.

The Ourjobs area in 2000 by means of the consortium between Petrobras, BG and Petrogal, has not yet finished its development, but it already highlights the importance of the oil sector in the country because, with its production the reserves of oil and natural gas triple and Consequently, they generate more profit to invest in sectors such as education, health, economic, and others.

The Squid field consists of seven production systems, which yield about 910,000 barrels a day. For the year 2019, the forecast is that production arrives 1 million barrels per day. Get inside all the news from the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and offshore market. Remember, your business goes through here! Go to: or


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