Blocks withdrawn from the auction may be bid

The government will meet next Monday with the Union Court of Auditors (TCU) to define the future of the two areas of oil that have been excluded from the 15th round of oil, which takes place on the morning of this Thursday. Márcio Félix, Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, pointed out that the intention is to auction these two blocks together with the fourth round of the pre-salt, which takes place in June. If that is not possible, highlighted it, will be held a specific auction possibly in September to sell the areas to the market.

— These reservoirs will wait a few more months to go to the market. You can move on to pre-salt 4Rodada or September. This can be done along with the auction of the surplus of the costly assignment. We're meeting with TCU on Monday. Just yesterday, with TCU's decision, I called the companies to explain what happened. Their reaction was of frustration proportional to their interest in the areas — said Felix, who participates in the 15th round, on the morning of Thursday.

Despite the withdrawal of the two blocks of the Santos basin of the 15th round of oil, the secretary expects to keep his "optimistic" forecast of revenue from R $6.9 billion with the two auctions. Already Decius Oddone, director general of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), pointed out that the exit of the blocks does not take away the brightness of the auction today.

-The auction will be a success. The withdrawal frustrates because it takes the competition in these blocks and reduces the investment and fundraising. But I remain confident that it will be positive to tread the path of resumption. For the two auctions, I expect revenue of R $3.5 billion — said Oddone. Source: The Globe.

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