Bolsonaro talks about petrobras fuel prices

President Jair Bolsonaro again promised changes in petrobras fuel prices, but said it will not interfere in the operation of the state. The statement was made in his live, broadcast last Thursday (20).

Bolsonaro praised the new president of Petrobras, reserve general Joaquim Silva and Luna. The president also assured that the company will not only seek profit, but also "the social part" in the management of Silva and Luna.

Also on this last day 20, Petrobras communicated to the market about the decision to exclude the ICMS from the calculation of PIS and Cofins that focus on products such as fuels, taken by the Supreme Court (STF). The decision, dubbed the "thesis of the century", should generate a positive impact of about R$ 4.4 billion, relative to the second quarter since the year in the state's financial statement.


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