Bolsonaro says it will zero tax on gas and diesel

'Something's going to happen at Petrobras.' That was the line of the President Jair Bolsonaro, last Thursday (18), during a live in the social networks. The announcement was a promise from the president, who said he will zero the collection of federal taxes on cooking gas from the next day 1.

Bolsonaro also said that these rates will be zeroed forever. The president's statement comes against a backdrop of steady highs in the fuel sector, which have been hitting gasoline, diesel and cooking gas prices. The president also criticized Petrobras because of these fluctuations, and also said that it will not interfere directly in the company. However, he said a change will happen in the coming days.

"In these two months we will be looking at a definitive way to seek to zero the tax to help counterbalance these increases, in my excessive opinion, of Petrobras. But I can't interfere, nor would I interfere with Petrobras, even if something will happen at Petrobras in the coming days, you have to change something, it's going to happen," he said.


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