Bolsonaro summons China for costly assignment

"It's the biggest oil and gas auction. China cannot be absent at this time," President Jair Bolsonaro said on an official visit to Beijing. In search of investments across the country, Bolsonaro informed, last Friday (25) that he invited Chinese companies to participate in the auction of surpluses of the onerous assignment.

During the meeting, the President highlighted the partnership of the Brazil with China and justified interest in strengthening trade and expanding it for new horizons. In addition, it signed terms of cooperation in the areas of agriculture, research, education and tourism.

According to information from the newspaper O Globo, an agreement involving the Xingu Rio Transmissora de Energia (XRTE), of State Grid, was also made but is still out of detail.  

In addition to being Brazil's largest trading partner, China and the largest source of foreign investment in the country. Last year, bilateral trade grew to a record $100 billion. The two countries are also part of the BRICS group, which also brings together Russia, India and South Africa.


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