BP invests in innovative app startup

Focused on technological investment, BP Ventures announced the application of €10 million in Finnish company MaaS Global, which is a supplier of the Whim app. The program is a digital mobility service, which allows customers to connect on a single platform all transport options available in a city: taxis, buses, bicycles and rental cars, as well as ride-hailing services and electric bikes Shared.

Currently, the app is known by Forbes as “Netflix of transport” and is present in Helsinki, Finland, Birmingham, the UNITED Kingdom, Vienna, Austria and Antwerp in Belgium.

The company has already made €53.7 million and bp’s investment wants to expand the business to the U.S. and Singapore. “The transport world is experiencing a moment of disruption that is made possible by technology, but fundamentally caused by demand,” said Maas Global President Sampo Hietanen.


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