BR Distribuidora will not dispute refineries

BR Distribuidora will not participate in the competition for the purchase of any refinery, according to the statement made by the President of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, in a press conference held in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, 8. "We don't want to promise and not deliver," he added.

According to Castello Branco, the state's deinvestment plan follows with immediate focus on the privatization of refineries, which provides for the sale of 8 out of 13 refineries. On the investments of the oil tanker, the President also stated that there is the possibility of reviewing the planning presented, which estimated US $16 billion later this year. For him, the predicted value may have been exaggerated.

Refineries for Sale
In April, Petrobras announced eight refineries that will be placed on sale, in addition to reducing its participation in BR Distribuidora. Together, refining subsidiaries have a capacity of about 1.1 million barrels per day. The prediction is that the denationalization process is completed in a year and a half.

Petrobras has almost 100% of the refining capacity in Brazil. Roberto Castello Branco, president of the State, defends the increase in competition through the sale of assets, which, moreover, integrate the company's disinvestment plan as a promise of economic recovery of the oil tanker.

The companies announced for sale are: Abreu e Lima Refinery, schist industrialization Unit, Landulpho Alves Refinery (RLAM), Gabriel Passos Refinery (REGAP), Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR), Alberto Pasqualini Refinery (REFAP), ISAAC Sabbá Refinery (REMAN) and lubricants and petroleum derivatives of the Northeast (LUBNOR).

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