BR Mania receives offers from five companies

Petrobras Distribuidora received five proposals from retail networks and investors for a partnership to operate convenience stores at petrol stations, BR Mania. The information was confirmed by a source to the Reuters agency. Today controlled by the state-owned oil company, the forecast is that the subsidiary is still privatized this year.

The interested groups are Lojas Americanas, operators of International Meal Company (IMC) and Sapore, the Mexican network of Oxxo convenience stores and the Family Office Sforza Holding, responsible for administering the patrimony of billionaire Carlos Wizard Martins, Investor in the fast food, retail and education companies sectors in Brazil.

BR Distribuidora is the largest fuel distributor in the country. It currently has about 8000 petrol stations and 1,400 convenience stores. The offers made by the groups cited are aimed, among other purposes, in the expansion of this number in the market. The model to be adopted for partnership between companies is still in the discussion phase.

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