P&G branch lacks clean energy investments

Last Monday (20), the International Energy Agency (IEA) spoke about the need for P&G companies investments in low-carbon energies. That's all because according to a report developed for the World Economic Forum on Davos, Switzerland, companies are facing a "critical challenge" and can future threats to long-term profits and social acceptance of the sector.

According to the agency, about 15% of global energy-related emissions come from the oil and gas extraction process and so far, the average investment of companies in the industry in non-essential areas such as renewables remains limited to about 1% of total contributions.

"All parts of the industry need to consider how Answer. Doing nothing is simply not an option," he said in iea executive director Fatih Birol. The agency also cited the importance of other initiatives such as the expansion of investments in hydrogen, biomethane and advanced biofuels.


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