Brands launch models of electric cars in Brazil

Nissan, Renault, Jaguar and Jac Motors will perform the launch of their new electric cars in Brazil later this year. Some models had already had their pre-sale announced during the São Paulo Auto Show 2018 (SP) in November last year. The values for the purchase of vehicles range from R $153,500 to R $437,000.

In July, Nissan will start delivering its electric Leaf car purchased in pre-sales by consumers. The car costs R $178,400 and is imported from the UK. According to the manufacturer, 16 units have already been sold. In the same month, the cars will be sold in seven dealerships from six cities: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre and two in São Paulo. There is no prediction for the manufacture of the models in the country. "The volume is very small," said Guy Rodriguez, the CEO of the brand for Latin America.

The company also announced the "Wallbox", wall Charger for fast recharge in home network. The device will be able to charge 100% of 40 KM/H battery in up to 8 hours. The conventional cable, which also comes with the vehicle, makes the same recharge in up to 20 hours. However, it is necessary for the company to review the premises of the owner's house to assess whether the residence will behave.

Renault, which also announced the sale of electric cars in Brazil, said that it has already made the delivery of 20 units of its hatch Zoe. The car costs R $149,900 and is smaller and less potent than Leaf, with a 92 horsepower engine. The autonomy is 300 km (how much it can run without having to recharge the battery). It does not come with "Wallbox", but the Automamaker has partnered with a dealer of the loader.

Jaguar Land Rover and Jac Motors also prepare their launches to the market. The Jaguar I-Pace will reach the stores by R $437,000. The model is an SUV imported from Austria with propulsion by two electric motors (one for each axle) that produce 400 horsepower. The autonomy reaches 470 km.

The Jac iEV 40 can come to the country in July or August. The change in the exchange rate made the initial price of the SUV retuned three times since its announcement, earlier this year. First, he would come for R $129,990, which would make him the cheapest electric in the country. Then he went to R $139,990, which would still leave him with the title. But currently, the car is already quoted at R $153,500. In pre-sale since the end of April, 20 units of the 40 iEV have already been booked, says the brand. The car will be sold only on request.

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