Telebras postpones the deadline for operation of six distributors

In an extraordinary session held last Monday, July 30, the shareholders of the company announced that the operation of the privatization of six subsidiaries was postponed until the end of the year. However, the decision conditions the process to government resources so that the State remains responsible for operating the distributors. The deadline would be closed on Tuesday, July 31st, but in the face of the delay in the auction, the date was extended to 31 December.

Of the six distributors, the state managed to sell one, the Cepisa, which operates in Piauí. Ceal, from Alagoas, is under the injunction of the minister of the STF, Ricardo Lewandowski, who determined that the sale of the operator was suspended. On August 30th, there will be the next auction for the sale of the other four electric power companies: Electro-acre (electricity of the Acre), Ceron (power plants of Rondônia), Boa Vista Energy and Amazonas Energy (Roraima and Amazonas Energy distributor). However, the auction still depends on Senate approval to happen.

The text approved by the shareholders says that the company will remain responsible for the operation of the companies provided that "all the resources necessary to operate, maintain and make investments related to the provision of the service are provided by the tariff, The Union, or the sectoral funds, "says part of the document.

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