Bras sells 11 lots at auction

The company led to the auction a total of 71 shareholdings of the state in SPE (Society of specific purpose) separated in 18 batches, to be sold in the B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange). The forecast was that the minimum amount collected reached r $3.1 billion, but only R $1.3 billion was pocketed.

With the pretension to deliver the largest electric power company to the hands of private capital, electro bras sells in large steps its shares in participations and distributors for the market. Of the 18 lots for sale in this last auction, 11 were granted to private capital.

Of six distributors, four have been desestatizadas. There are two, the Amazon energy, which has a date scheduled to be auctioned on the 25th, and the Ceal, which had its privatization prohibited under judicial injunction issued by the Minister of the Supreme Court Federal Ricardo Lewandowski, since August of this year.

As it turns out, the bras are in such a hurry to deliver their equity to the private initiative, which submits to sell it at any price – literally –, whatever it takes.

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