Brazil is one of the largest oil exporters for China

Venezuela was unable to compete with Brazil at the level of oil exports to China, surpassing the neighboring country for the second consecutive year, exporting 455,338 barrels of oil per day in 2017, according to customs data from China.

The country's growth occurs at the time when Venezuela is dealing with the sanctions of the United States, in addition to a profound economic crisis, which helped in the overthrow of the history of production of Latin oil. Production has dropped by more than 25% since 2015 and should decrease further this year.

While the neighbour suffers this debacle, operations in Brazil have been able to withstand price drop and leverage sales to the Orient. Learn everything that happens in the market for oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuel, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Access the Offshore Panorama portal. Remember, your business goes through here. Check out:


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