Braskem can leave Alagoas for the ES

The Odebrecht Petrochemical Group made mining in Maceió/AL, and because of the activities practiced by the company the soils are compromised since 2018, because cracks appeared in residences and streets in the neighborhoods of Mutange, Pinheiros and Bebedouro According to the National Geological Service report, and the company's activities have been completely paralyzed since May 9th.

In an executive meeting, President Fernando Musa said that Braskem is importing raw material to serve suppliers, and, if in six months the activities do not return to normality, the company must leave Alagoas, with the possible Transfer appointed as the only viable output, and can move to the border of the Holy Spirit with the state of Bahia aiming at the logistics of Açu port.

According to the president of the company "the decision to leave Alagoas is not blackmail with the state. But, a matter of business survival. " The actions of the paralyzed company are: mining of gem Salt of the Maceio reservoir, also considered one of the largest in Latin America; The production of Dichloroethane (base for production of PVC) and soda-caustic; And the PVC industry that supplies raw material for second and third generation plastics chain industries in the country.

The possible exit of the petrochemicals of Alagoas can lead to losses of up to 30% of the gross domestic product of the state, and local authorities are seeking immediate solutions, not believing that the company leaves the state, since it is 44 years ago. In the stock market, Braskem's actions oscillate to solve the problem and change or not the place is realized.

Already a procurator of the Federal Republic, Niedja Kaspary, says that there was negligence of the Institute of Environment (IMA) of Alagoas in relation to the supervision of Braskem. For the governor, Renan Filho, the performance of the environmental organ was normal.

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